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Amerika 2011-2012

Time to Say Good-Bye

(written 21 June) One year, 365 days, 8760 hours! Our year is almost over. I am sitting on the patio of a Huanchaco hostal where we have been three! times altogether. The patio is overlooking the ocean (kind of) and I am falling asleep to the sound of the waves. For the last three weeks…
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Mittendrin oder nur dabei?

When we were crossing the border into Peru six months ago it was the rainy season in the mountains so we decided to cycle down the coast instead. Now we have three weeks left until we need to return home, too much time for just doing nothing and too little to return to the north…
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Ab in die Wüste

Tonight it froze again. The water in our Ortlieb water bags is a bit crunchy. Last night we set up camp next to an old hut that belongs to the road pay station because we couldn't find any better place yesterday. On the way there were only steep rock walls and up here the flat…
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Abschied für immer

Today, for the second time on this trip we got the message that a person we have met has died. This time the wife of a traveling couple had a fatal accident in the mountains of Argentina. They were not really friends, we met them only twice but nevertheless I am sad. I cannot seem…
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